Male Pattern Baldness: Hair Restoration has Significantly Evolved

Dr. Gelman recently wrote an article that was featured in the Aug/Sep edition of Space Coast Medicine.

“Throughout history, treatment of male pattern baldness has been plagued by snake oil selling con men and “doll hair” outcomes with plugs. Hair restoration has significantly evolved in the last decade, but the old stigmas associated with the artificial look created by plugs still linger.

Hair transplants received a bad reputation as a result of early methods, which used larger grafts of hair, known as plugs, for transplant. Doctors identified “donor” sites on the back and sides of the head for relocation. The plugs were removed in round punches comprised of many hairs. With this old method, transplant recipients were not only limited in how the hair could be styled, but they often ran out of donor sites before the process could be completed.”

Please click below to read the full text:

Space Coast Medicine – Male Pattern Baldness

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