Grey Hair Transplantation

Does Age Matter?  What about Grey Hair?

Is hair transplantation a young man’s game only?  What about Grey Hair?

Hair transplant commercials would have you believe hair transplantation is a young man’s game.  Scenes of muscular young men swimming, cavorting with comely women and working out all conjure up an image of youth and vitality.  The truth is, age has little to do with whether someone is a good candidate for hair transplantation.  If you want to stay youthful and keep your vitality in the forefront, then do yourself a favor and consider Hair Restoration.
Hair restoration surgeons have successfully transplanted hair in men who are more than 80 years old.

The most important factors in considering older patients for hair transplantation are the same as those or younger patients:

  • Cause of hair loss
  • Physical condition on medical examination
  • Medical history
  • Family History of Hair Loss
  • Scalp condition
  • Pattern of hair loss
  • Adequacy of Donor Hair
  • Patient expectations

So don’t let a late night infomercial dissuade you from seeking advice from a hair restoration surgeon—after all, grey hair transplants grow as well as any other color!



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