A Natural Look For Prior Hair Transplant Recipients

Dr. Gelman recently wrote an article for Space Coast Daily about the topic of Hair Transplant Repair and it’s applications for recent hair transplant recipients and those from some time ago.

“Hair transplants are no exception to the rule that time changes everything. Some patients with older transplants may have had some additional hair loss in addition to a transplant they now find aesthetically unsatisfactory. Combining repair with additional transplants is a common procedure to achieve a denser look to the hair. However, it may also present challenges such as finding enough donor hair to accomplish both goals.

New areas of hair loss can occur after initial hair transplantation. Continuing hair loss can frequently be anticipated on the basis of factors such as (1) age of hair loss onset, (2) rate of progressive hair loss, (3) hair loss type, and (4) history of hair loss in the patient’s family.”

Please click below for the full text:

A Natural Look for Prior Hair Transplant Recipients

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